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Care Instructions:

Solid wood furniture, with proper care, ages gracefully acquiring
a unique patina. As a living material, wood is affected by sunlight, temperature, and humidity. To prevent drying and cracking, keep it away from heat sources and direct sunlight, and avoid placing it in rooms with fluctuating humidity.

Regularly clean the wood surface with a soft, dry cloth. For light stains, use a lukewarm damp cloth, possibly with soap flakes for tougher dirt. Avoid using chemicals or abrasive tools. Always use coasters with drinks to avoid any undesired staining.

The sculptural buttons has been meticulously hand-sewn and should not be pulled. Additionally, avoid placing heavy or hard objects on the ceramic button, as it is delicate and can break. Similarly, our pillows, which are hand-sewn and crafted by hand, require gentle handling to preserve their quality and craftsmanship.